FC Wichita falls against FC Dallas

The math was simple. Beat FC Dallas to keep conference title hopes alive, lose or draw and FC Dallas wins the conference.

It was FC Dallas who came out on top after a hard fought 90 minutes, winning 3-2 over Wichita.

FC Wichita took control early, finding their first chance just two minutes in but the cross sent in by Rosa Urista-Chico found nobody in the box. Five minutes later, another strong offensive attack for FC Wichita was stopped after they aired a ball wide of the net.

Dallas got their first chance in the 11th minute, sending a ball across the box. The ball just missed a runner’s foot, keeping the game scoreless.

In the 13th minute, FC Wichita broke the scoreless tie. Peyton Eskridge scored her first goal in a Wichita jersey. Eskridge ran down a ball, beating the keeper and tapped it into the net. The lead did not last long as Dallas scored on a own goal by Wichita in the 21st minute.

Just six minutes later, Dallas took their first lead of the game on a strike by Chelsea Supris. FC Wichita and newcomer Nayeli Gallo did not let that last long, finding an equalizer just 45 seconds later. Despite lots of chances on both sides, the 2-2 scoreline held to halftime. This included a goal taken off the board for Dallas due to an offsides call.

Head Coach Sammy Lane’s message to the team at halftime was fairly simple, saying that we were still in this game and we had played a solid half.

The second half was rough for FC Wichita, who struggled to gain and keep possession for long amounts of time. The 50th minute gave FC Wichita their first offensive chance of the half, but the shot was fired directly at the keeper. FC Wichita did not have a touch in the offensive third until the 67th minute. Dallas pushed forwards hard and made Jami Reichenberger make some difficult plays in this time.

In the 67th minute, FC Wichita put a good possession together, but failed to find the net once again. Six minutes later, Dallas’ Belicia Madiola broke the tie. Dallas kept their foot on the gas pedal, making Reichenberger work to keep the game at 3-2.

FC Wichita struggled to find another good offensive possession. That held true to the end of stoppage time, rewarding Dallas with the win.

The win gave FC Dallas 25 points, securing the southwest conference title. Wichita can still secure the second place position with wins against Little Rock and Fortuna.

FC Wichita continues their season in Little Rock, Arkansas on Saturday night to take on the Little Rock Rangers. Little Rock enters the game off a 0-0 draw with Fortuna Tulsa.

The FC Wichita Women return home Saturday, July 7 at 4:30 p.m. to finish the season against Fortuna Tulsa. That game will take place at Trinity Academy in Wichita. You can purchase your tickets here.

By the Numbers


Despite giving up three goals, Jami Reichenberger added 14 saves to her season total.


FC Dallas now leads the conference standings by 13 points over FC Wichita. Mathematically, that eliminated Wichita from title contention.


The two goals scored by Wichita were both by newcomers to the team, Peyton Eskridge and Nayeli Gallo.